• Hailes Street, Winchcombe

    Hailes Street, Winchcombe

  • St Peters' Church, Winchcombe

    St Peters' Church, Winchcombe

  • The George, Winchcombe

    The George, Winchcombe

  • St Peters from Rushley Lane

    St Peters from Rushley Lane

  • St Peters from Langley Hill

    St Peters from Langley Hill

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Welcome to the website of

The Probus Club of Winchcombe

About Probus

Probus clubs provide an opportunity for retired or semi-retired people to meet and socialise.

There are Probus groups all over the world, though the largest numbers are in the UK, Canada and Australia. There is no governing body for the Probus movement, and although most clubs follow a similar pattern, each local club decides its own format and rules. Many are linked to local Rotary Clubs.

About us

The Probus Club of Winchcombe is a relaxed and friendly group, with about 80 members. We meet fortnightly on Friday mornings.  At our meetings we socialise over coffee, and hear a talk by an invited speaker. Our thirstier members usually regroup afterwards in a local pub.

Besides our regular meetings, we organise occasional group lunches, outings to places of interest and other events. We have a walking group that meets monthly, and there are cycle rides for those who prefer a more energetic form of exercise.

If you would like know more about the Club, or enquire about joining, send an email to

Tony Mason (Secretary)      abmason13@btinternet.com

Other Probus Clubs in Winchcombe

There are two other Probus clubs in Winchcombe, the Mercia Probus Club and the Winchcombe Ladies Probus Club

The Mercia Probus Club is another men’s club.  It follows a similar format to ours, and also meets fortnightly on Fridays (in the week when we are not meeting).  It is actively recruiting members at the moment.  If you are interested, call 01242 602834

The Winchcombe Ladies Probus meets on alternate Tuesday mornings.  This group would also welcome new members.

About Winchcombe

To learn more about Winchcombe and what it has to offer, go to www.winchcombe.co.uk