Programme 2014 .

Date                      Speaker                               Subject/Event                                                          Vote of thanks

3 Jan                     John Bayliss                       Electronic communications security                         Andrew C

10 Jan                                                                Member Lunch – Dumbleton Hall              

17 Jan                                                                 Annual General Meeting

29 Jan                                                                Walk: Croome Hill Nature Reserve            

31 Jan                   John Dixon                         Doddo Defiled                                                                Richard D

14 Feb                  John Falcon                        HMS Glorious                                                                 Rodney V

26 Feb                                                               Walk: Snowshill 

28  Feb                 Nicole Beemee                 Air Ambulance                                                                 Terry H

14  Mar                Chris Flower                       Klondike Gold Rush                                                       John P

26 Mar                                                              Walk: Teddington Hands

28  Mar                Bill Hannis                          Warwickshire Murders                                                 Paul H   

11  Apr                 Paul Maguire                     Butlins Redcoats                                                               Brian S

23  Apr                                                              St George’s Day Lunch – Corner Cupboard             

25 Apr                  Alan T/Brian H                   Member Profiles                                                            Chairman

30 Apr                                                               Walk: Teddington Hands

9 May                   Dr Richard Long                Lawrence of Arabia                                                       Rex B

23 May                 Bob Price                            Australian Outback – Darwin to Perth                       David F

6 Jun                     Tim Houlding                    Bentley Cars of the Roaring 20’s                                Alan M

20 Jun                  David Hannon                   Early Days in Broadcasting                                          Chris S

25 June                                                              Walk: The Plough, Ford  

4 Jul                      Graham Downie                Fairground Calendar                                                     Tony R

18 Jul                    John S/Chris S                   Member Profiles                                                            Chairman

30 Jul                                                                 Walk: Forthampton         

1 Aug                    Mike Rendell                      Life in Georgian England                                              Alan T

4 Aug                                                                 Visit to Stanway House  

15 Aug                 Peter Payne                         The Three Sieges of Malta                                             David F

29 Aug                  Dr Gillian White               Henry VIII and the Field of the Cloth of Gold           Martin K

12 Sep                  Brian Eaton (M)                Kingdom of the Thunder Dragon                                 Brian H

24 Sep                                                               Walk: Gloucestershire Old Spot pub          

26 Sep                  Tim M (M)                         A career in the RAF                                                         John Brk

10 Oct                  Cliff White                          Behind the Scenes at the Antiques Roadshow           Derek P

14-16 Oct                                                         Mid-Week Break – Wells

22 October                                                      Walk: Fox and Hounds, Bredon   

24 Oct                  Graham Pitchfork            Behind Enemy Lines                                                        Arthur R

7 Nov                   John Macartney               Turn Left at the Pacific                                                     David F

21 Nov                 Robin Sankey                    Legal History from Hastings to Strasbourg                 John H

26 Nov                                                              Outing to Blenheim Palace and Gardens  

5 Dec                    Penny Varley                     Demonstration of Pottery                                               Ron W

19 Dec                                                               Christmas bash