Room Stewards: Contacts and Responsibilities

Probus Club of Winchcombe Room Stewards’ and First Aiders’ Rota Room Steward Co-ordinator:  JOHN GERRARD 602229/07876 070138 Co-Stewards
Geoff COVE
Key Contacts
Programme Secretary RICHARD SHARP
Welcoming Steward JOHN BURCHFIELD
Room Steward Responsibilities Before the meetings:-
  1. Chair/Vice-Chair to confirm that they are attending and bringing the key
  2. Liaise with Programme Secretary and take account of any specific needs for the room setup for each meeting..
During meetings:-
  1. Arrive at 9.30 am. If Chair has not unlocked, obtain key from Town Council Office
  2. Heating is PRESET
  3. Set up the room in accordance with Programme Secretary instructions. NB USE THE CHAIR TROLLIES TO MOVE CHAIRS TO AVOID DAMAGE TO THE FLOOR
  4. Set up Welcome Desk by side door leading to Kitchen/Drinks area
  5. Set up chairs in groups of 8-10 in Drinks area (+ 2 tables)
  6. Set up 50 chairs in Main Room (NB Spacing for COVID)
  7. Open kitchen door for TG assistants.
  8. Raise kitchen shutter.
  9. Be ready to introduce the Visiting Speaker to the Chairman when s/he arrives.
  10. Liaise with the Equipment Secretary for microphone, projector required by the meeting.
  11. Provide backup support to the Welcoming Steward on the front desk with the Vice Chairman.
  12. Close curtains.
  13. Turn lights on / off as required by speaker.
  14. Close folding doors at start of talk.
  15. Activate overhead fans should conditions warrant.
At the end of the meeting
  1. All members to stack chairs 6 high in situ. CHAIRMAN to remind.
  2. Return chairs and tables to storage positions NB Use of Chair trolley
  3. Shut and lock windows in Main Room
  4. Check all lights off. ( including toilets)
  5. Chair/Vice Chair locks up
ROTA The Rota also shows the Room Steward(s) for the day and the First Aider to be present at each meeting.  If you are unable to fulfill your commitment, please arrange a swop in person, do not rely on email or tel. message. Defibrillator There is a defibrillator outside the Town Council Offices. Full instructions on the outside of the box. If an incident occurs the First Aider on duty to delegate 2 persons to go to the box (with a phone) to enable the equipment to be accessed. One person needs to dial 999 by the box. FIRST AIDERS The Coordinator is John WILLIAMS (Snr)
Paul CLARK 602047/ 07931 17092
Andrew CORDERY 602114/ 07974 640070
John MACKLEWORTH 602286/ 07748 620176
John PEARSON 603051/07967 316471
John SMITH 602038/07979 842619
  1. The next person in the list is your reserve,
  2. If you cannot cover your week, either as Room Steward or Reserve please arrange a swop and inform John Gerrard and John W (FAs). Do not rely on tel/email message.  Get confirmation in person.
  3. The whereabouts of the Abbeyfields door key is vital. Ensure that the Chair/Vice Chair has said that they are coming to your meeting. If they are not there at 0930, then obtain key from Town Council Offices. B. If available, John Gerrard always has a key.
Date Room Stewards (two per meeting) First Aiders
3rd Feb. JG/GC
17th Feb. PH/JP
3rd March WFS/JS
17th March HT/DW
14th April JG/GC
28th April PH/JP
12th May WFS/JS
26th May HT / DW
9th June JG / GC
23rd June PH/ JP
7th July WFS/JS
21st July HT / DW
4th Aug. JG /GC
18th Aug. PH /JP
1st Sept. WFS / JS
15th Sept. HT / DW
29th Sept. JG / GC
13th Oct PH / JP
27th Oct. WFS / JS
10th Nov. HT/ DW
24th Nov. JG / GC
8th Dec. PH /JP
J Gerrard dated 2/1/2023