Room Stewards: Contacts and Responsibilities

Room Steward

Geoff Cove: 609115/07949 140305


Michael Dufton: 603387/ 07425 132649.

Brian Parry: 602618/07484 664587,

John Smith: 602038/ 07979 842619.

David Wadsworth: 602635/ 07772 444778.

Key Contacts

Programme Secretary: Paul Clark. 602047/07931 170926.

Welcoming Steward: Stewart Aylward, 602372/07813 135096.


Outside the meetings:-

Receive the Steward’s Key for the Methodist Centre from previous meeting Room Steward.

Liaise with Programme Secretary and take account of any specific needs for the room setup for each meeting.

During meetings:-

Arrive at 9.30 am. Check heating is on (control in lobby by stairs door). If OFF, press ‘Advance’. Unlock main door and gate in alleyway (key on notice board by Kitchen). Set up the room in accordance with Programme Secretary instructions.

Be ready to introduce the Visiting Speaker to the Chairman when s/he arrives.

Liaise with the Equipment Secretary for microphone, projector required by the meeting.

Provide backup support to the Welcoming Steward on the front desk with the Vice Chairman.

At end. Check that amplifier switch is off (behind coat stand). Give Steward’s key to next on the Rota.


1. The reserve is the person next on the rota, e.g. 21/4, Reserve is GC

2. If you cannot cover your week, either as Room Steward or Reserve please arrange a swop and inform Geoff. Do not rely on tel/email message. Get confirmation in person.

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