Room Stewards


Date Room Steward Reserve Notes
10/02/2017 Geoff C     
24/02/2017 Geoff C David W  
10/03/2017 David W Brian P N/A 11/3-25/3
24/03/2017 Brian P John S  
07/04/2017 John S Michael D Geoff C N/A
21/04/2017 Michael D Geoff C Michael D away 23/2 – 12/4
05/05/2017 Geoff C Michael D  
19/05/2017 Michael D Brian P  
02/06/2017 Brian P John S  
16/06/2017 John S David W  
30/06/2017 David W Geoff C  
14/07/2017 Geoff C Michael D  
28/07/2017 Michael D Brian P  
11/08/2017 Brian P John S  
25/08/2017 John S David W  
08/09/2017 David W Geoff C  
22/09/2017 Geoff C Michael C  
06/10/2017 Michael D Brian P  
20/10/2017 Brian P John S  
03/11/2017 John S David W  
17/11/2017 David W Geoff C  
01/12/2017 Geoff C    
15/12/2017 Geoff C    

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Unless otherwise indicated, the reserve is the person next on the rota.

If you cannot cover your week, either as Room Steward or Reserve please arrange a swop and inform Geoff.  Do not rely on tel/email message.  Get confirmation in person.