Room Stewards and First Aid Rota 2020, V.3

Room Steward Co-ordinator

Michael DUFTON:  603387/ 07425 132649


Geoff COVE 609115/ 07949 140305
Michael DUFTON 603387/ 07425 132649
Chris HASLEWOOD 07774 742930
Brian PARRY 602618/ 07484 664587
John PEARSON 603051
John SMITH 602038/ 07979 842619.
David WADSWORTH 602635/ 07772 444778

Key Contacts

Chairman:                               Harry THIERENS, 609057/    07711 921832

Programme Secretary:           David FRUIN 07540 295280

Welcoming Steward:               Paul BALMER 07739 637702

Room Steward Responsibilities

Outside the meetings:-

1. Receive the Steward’s Key for the Methodist Centre from previous meeting Room Steward.

2. Liaise with Programme Secretary and take account of any specific needs for the room setup for each meeting. NB Lent Dates

During meetings:-

1. Arrive at 9.30 am.  Entrance at Left side (as you face Church from road) door. Lock door.

2. a Check heating is on (control in lobby by stairs door).  If OFF, press ‘Advance’.

2 b Check amplifier is ON (by coat stand)

3. Unlock main door and gate in alleyway (key on notice board by Kitchen).

4. Set up the room in accordance with Programme Secretary instructions.

5. Be ready to introduce the Visiting Speaker to the Chairman when s/he arrives.

6. Assist the Equipment Secretary for microphone, cable tidy, projector required by the meeting.

7. Provide backup support to the Welcoming Steward on the front desk with the Vice Chairman.

At end.  

1. Check that amplifier switch is off (behind coat stand).

2. Lock side gate and entrance door, return keys to hook by kitchen. 

3. Check all lights off.

4. Lock up the Entrance at top of stairs. 

5. Give Steward’s key to next on the Rota and confirm to them and MD by email..

First Aiders

The Rota also shows the appointed First Aider to be present at each meeting.  Again, if you are unable to fulfill your commitment, please arrange a swop in person, do not rely on email or tel. message.  The Coordinator is John WILLLIAMS, tel. 620344/07549336796

Paul CLARK 602047/ 07931 17092
Andrew CORDERY 602114/ 07974 640070
Chris HASLEWOOD 672919/ 07747 452930
John MACKLEWORTH 602286/ 07748 620176
John PEARSON See above  
John SMITH See above  


  1. Reserves.  The next person in the list is your reserve, e.g. Room Steward 21/8 Reserve is CH.
  2. If you cannot cover your week, either as Room Steward or Reserve please arrange a swop and inform Michael D and John W (FAs).  Do not rely on tel/email message.  Get confirmation in person.
  3. The whereabouts of the key is vital. When you hand the key over to someone, please send that person and Michael D a confirmatory email.
Date Room Steward First Aider Notes
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M Dufton

07425 132 649

4th February  2020.